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The Robot Bible of Trier

The first Bible, which is handwritten by a robot and bound to books, was finished in June 2013. The Bible consists of six books in the format 63cmx38cm, respectively. Together the books include more than 2100 pages, are stacked 33cm high and have a weight of 57kg. The code of the robots writing software is printed like a texture on the cover linen. It consists of the the controlling program as well as the moving coordinates of the calligraphic alphabeth created by robotlab. At the beginning of each book are the forewords of the Bishop of Trier Stephan Ackermann, the artist group robotlab and the Bible scientist Prof. Reinhold Bohlen. The 'Robot Bible of Trier' is in the ownership of the Archive of the Bishopric of Trier and is kept in the collection of the Dome Museum in Trier.

'The Robot Bible of Trier' was presented for the first time from June 28 till October 13, 2013 in the Dome Museum in Trier.

The Bible Rolls

The finished handwritten Bible Rolls of the installation 'bios [bible]' were exhibited repeatedly on a specially designed Bible Roll holder. Supplementary, the original writing process was shown on a video documentation.