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Linking human brain and robot

The installation 'empathizer' gave visitors the opportunity to experience an extreme interconnection between man and machine. The experimental environment consists of two industrial robots and a brain interface by which the visitors can connect with the machines.

Brain voltages are measured and analyzed. Then the data is forwarded to the robot control units. The image of the brain signals is projected on the robots. They give a representation of the data through their movements and always perform new and individual configurations - interaction without physical action.

The possibility of interaction between the users brain and the machines makes the machines to a body extension and the brains activity to a subroutine in the control software of the robots. Does the user feels like an enhancement of his bodys capabilities by the robots mechanics or appear uneasy by the awareness that their integrity is infiltered by the technology?

The 'empathizer' is a cooperation of robotlab with the Institute of Communication and Brain Research Stuttgart under the direction of Guenter Haffelder.


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